The epidemiology of HIV infection and AIDS in Thailand.

  title={The epidemiology of HIV infection and AIDS in Thailand.},
  author={Bruce G. Weniger and Khanchit Limpakarnjanarat and Kumnuan Ungchusak and Sombat Thanprasertsuk and Kachit Choopanya and Suphak Vanichseni and T Uneklabh and Prasert Thongcharoen and Chantapong Wasi},
  volume={5 Suppl 2},
There were very few AIDS cases reported in Thailand as of 1988, where HIV was introduced relatively late in the course of the AIDS pandemic. Thailand was therefore classified as an epidemiologic pattern III country with regard to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Also in 1988, however, Thailand experienced a major and rapid increase in HIV prevalence among IV drug users (IVDU). The Thai experience with HIV after the rapid spread first among IVDUs has been successive waves of HIV transmission to female… CONTINUE READING