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The epic of Shivaji

  title={The epic of Shivaji},
  author={fl. th cent. Kavīndra Paramānanda and James William Laine and Shrikant S. Bahulkar},
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Old fights, new meanings: Lions and elephants in combat
3. See P. Granoff, “Saving the Saviour: Śiva and the Vaisṇạva Avatar̄as in the Early Skandapuran̄ạ,” in Origin and Growth of the Purānịc Text Corpus: With Special Reference to the Skandapurānạ, ed.
India before Europe
Preface Glossary 1. Introduction: situating India 2. The expansion of Turkish power, 1180-1350 3. Southern India in the age of Vijayanagara, 1350-1550 4. North India between empires: history,
Nīlakantha's instruments of war:Modern, vernacular, barbarous
The seventeenth century Benares-based intellectual, NīlakanÚha Caturdhara, wrote what is still the most widely used Sanskrit commentary on the Mahābhārata. In the commentary Nīlakantha sometimes