The ependyma of the goat. III. Organum vasculosum hypothalami.

  • V Rajtová
  • Published 1992 in Functional and developmental morphology


The presence of organum vasculosum hypothalami in the 3rd cerebral ventricle in goat has been confirmed. The surface of this organ is undulated, covered with cylindrical or cuboidal ependyma. Its rostral pole has simple, finger-shaped protrusions, the number of which increases during the "inactive" period (females: anestrus, males: out of season; both sexes: April), sporadically they occur in the mating season (females and males: October, November). Except for cilia and microvilli, no other supraependymal structures have been found. The organum vasculosum hypothalami of goats does not have dense capillary network and neither has "nucleus organi vasculosi hypothalami" been found.

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