The enzymes of oxalate metabolism: unexpected structures and mechanisms.

  title={The enzymes of oxalate metabolism: unexpected structures and mechanisms.},
  author={Drazenka Svedruzi{\'c} and Stef{\'a}n J{\'o}nsson and Cory G. Toyota and Laurie A Reinhardt and Stefano Ricagno and Ylva Lindqvist and Nigel G. J. Richards},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={433 1},
Oxalate degrading enzymes have a number of potential applications, including medical diagnosis and treatments for hyperoxaluria and other oxalate-related diseases, the production of transgenic plants for human consumption, and bioremediation of the environment. This review seeks to provide a brief overview of current knowledge regarding the major classes of enzymes and related proteins that are employed in plants, fungi, and bacteria to convert oxalate into CO(2) and/or formate. Not only do… CONTINUE READING

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