The entropy of bulk quantum fields and the entanglement wedge of an evaporating black hole

  title={The entropy of bulk quantum fields and the entanglement wedge of an evaporating black hole},
  author={Ahmed Almheiri and Netta Engelhardt and Donald Marolf and Henry Maxfield},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract Bulk quantum fields are often said to contribute to the generalized entropy $$ \frac{A}{4{G}_N}+{S}_{\mathrm{bulk}} $$ A 4 G N + S bulk only at O(1). Nonetheless, in the context of evaporating black holes, O(1/GN ) gradients in S bulk can arise due to large boosts, introducing a quantum extremal surface far from any classical extremal surface. We examine the effect of such bulk quantum effects on quantum extremal surfaces (QESs) and the resulting… 
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Black hole entropy is Noether charge.
  • Wald
  • Mathematics
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The results show that the validity of the "second law" of black hole mechanics in dynamical evolution from an initially stationary black hole to a final stationary state is equivalent to the positivity of a total Noether flux, and thus may be intimately related to the positive energy properties of the theory.
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  • Jacobson, Kang, Myers
  • Mathematics, Materials Science
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
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Wald's results are extended by establishing that his local geometric expression for the black hole entropy gives the same result when evaluated on an arbitrary cross section of a Killing horizon (rather than just the bifurcation surface).
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