The entrepreneurial role of the University: a link analysis of York Science Park


This study introduces a structured analysis of science parks as arenas designed to stimulate institutional collaboration and the commercialization of academic knowledge and technology, and the promotion of social welfare. A framework for key actors and their potential behaviour in this context is introduced based on the Triple Helix (TH) model and related literature. A link analysis was conducted to build an inter-linking network that may map the infrastructure support network through the online interactions of the organisations involved in York Science Park. A comparison between the framework and the diagram shows that the framework can be used to identify most of the actors and assess their interconnections. The web patterns found correspond to previous evaluations based on traditional indicators and suggest that the network, which is developed to foster and support innovation, arises from the functional cooperation between the University of York and regional authorities, which both serve as the major driving forces in the trilateral linkages and the development of an innovation infrastructure.

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