The enterocyte microvillus is a vesicle-generating organelle

  title={The enterocyte microvillus is a vesicle-generating organelle},
  author={Russell E. McConnell and James N. Higginbotham and David A. Shifrin and David L. Tabb and Robert J Coffey and Matthew J. Tyska},
  booktitle={The Journal of cell biology},
For decades, enterocyte brush border microvilli have been viewed as passive cytoskeletal scaffolds that serve to increase apical membrane surface area. However, recent studies revealed that in the in vitro context of isolated brush borders, myosin-1a (myo1a) powers the sliding of microvillar membrane along core actin bundles. This activity also leads to the shedding of small vesicles from microvillar tips, suggesting that microvilli may function as vesicle-generating organelles in vivo. In this… CONTINUE READING
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