The enigmatic LEA proteins and other hydrophilins.

  title={The enigmatic LEA proteins and other hydrophilins.},
  author={Marina E Battaglia and Yadira Olvera-Carrillo and Alejandro G Garciarrubio and Francisco Campos and Alejandra A Covarrubias},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={148 1},
Water limitation affects all types of organisms at some stage during their life cycle; therefore, many strategies have been selected through evolution to cope with water deficit, including changes in enzyme activities and in gene expression, among others. In plants, a group of very hydrophilic proteins, known as LATE EMBRYOGENESIS ABUNDANT (LEA) proteins, accumulate to high levels during the last stage of seed maturation (when acquisition of desiccation tolerance occurs in the embryo) and… CONTINUE READING
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