The energy spectrum of X‐rays from rocket‐triggered lightning

  title={The energy spectrum of X‐rays from rocket‐triggered lightning},
  author={Shahab Arabshahi and Jason R Dwyer and E. S. Cramer and Jon Eric Grove and Chul Gwon and Jonathan M. D. Hill and Douglas M. Jordan and R. J. Lucia and I. B. Vodopiyanov and Martin A. Uman and Hamid K. Rassoul},
Although the production of X-rays from natural and rocket-triggered lightning leaders have been studied in detail over the last 10 years, the energy spectrum of the X-rays has never been well measured because the X-rays are emitted in very short but intense bursts that result in pulse pileup in the detectors. The energy spectrum is important because it provides information about the source mechanism for producing the energetic runaway electrons and about the electric fields that they traverse… CONTINUE READING
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