The energy content of wet corn distillers grains for lactating dairy cows.


Forty-five energy balances were completed with 12 multiparous, lactating Holstein cows in a study designed to determine the energy content of wet corn distillers grains. Treatments were applied in a repeated switchback design and consisted of total mixed diets containing 31.4% corn silage, 18.4% alfalfa hay, and either 30.7% rolled corn and 16.7% soybean meal or 17.0% rolled corn and 31.2% wet corn distillers grains (dry matter basis). Replacement of corn and soybean meal with wet corn distillers grains reduced dry matter intake 10.9% but did not affect milk production. Neither digestible nor metabolizable energy were affected by diet composition. Heat and milk energy output did not differ by diet, but body energy retained was 2.8 Mcal/d less in cows fed the wet corn distillers grains diet. Multiple regression estimates of maintenance metabolizable energy requirement and partial efficiencies of metabolizable energy used for lactation and body energy deposition did not differ by diet. Pooled estimates were 136.2, 0.66, and 0.85, kcal of metabolizable energy/ body weight0.75 per day, respectively. Calculated by difference, wet corn distillers grains was estimated to contain 4.09, 3.36, and 2.27 Mcal/kg of dry matter as digestible, metabolizable, and lactational net energy, respectively. These energy estimates were 7 to 11% and 10 to 15%, respectively, greater than those reported for dried corn distillers grains by the 1989 and 2001 dairy NRC publications.

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