The enduring controversies concerning the process of protein digestion in Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae)

  title={The enduring controversies concerning the process of protein digestion in Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae)},
  author={Christopher K. Frazier},
  journal={Carnivorous Plant Newsletter},
SWEET Uniporter Gene Family Expression Profile in the Pitcher Development in the Carnivorous Plant Nepenthes sp.
Twenty cDNAs of the SWEET gene family encoding sugar uniporters of classes I–IV were identified and variability in the expression of NSWEET genes in the mature leaf and in the three stages of pitcher development indicates the possible functional diversity of these genes.
Профиль экспрессии генов унипортеров семейства SWEET в процессе развития ловчих аппаратов плотоядного растения Nepenthes sp.
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Regulation of enzyme activities in carnivorous pitcher plants of the genus Nepenthes
The study showed that the proteins are universal inductors of enzyme activities in carnivorous pitcher plants best mimicking the presence of insect prey, not surprising, because proteins are a much valuable source of nitrogen, superior to chitin.
Plantes carnivores : les principales espèces et leurs usages en thérapie : investigations sur l’intérêt thérapeutique de Carnivora®
L’usage de divers vegetaux dans le traitement de pathologies variees est un axe therapeutique en constante expansion. Les plantes carnivores font partie de cet axe prometteur. Ce sont des vegetaux
Expression and characterization of plant aspartic protease nepenthesin-1 from Nepenthes gracilis.
Traps of carnivorous pitcher plants as a habitat: composition of the fluid, biodiversity and mutualistic activities.
There is strong evidence that CPPs influence their phytotelm and genera without efficient enzymes such as Sarracenia or Heliamphora host diverse organisms and depend to a large extent on their symbionts for prey utilization.
Production de protéines recombinantes par des plantes carnivores génétiquement transformées : application à Drosera rotundifolia et transfert de la technologie à Nepenthes alata
Le travail presente porte sur le developpement d?une nouvelle technologie innovante, nommee PAT Friday®, visant a produire des proteines recombinantes au sein des secretions extracellulaires de
Enzymic and structural characterization of nepenthesin, a unique member of a novel subfamily of aspartic proteinases.
A novel subfamily of APs with a high content of cysteine residues and a characteristic insertion, named 'the nepenthesin-type AP-specific insertion', that includes a large number of novel, orthologous plant APs emerging in the gene/protein databases is proposed.