The endothelin system in septic and endotoxin shock.

  title={The endothelin system in septic and endotoxin shock.},
  author={Mikael Wanecek and Eddie Weitzberg and Anders Rudehill and Anders Oldner},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={407 1-2},
The view of the endothelium as a passive barrier has gradually changed as a number of endothelium-derived substances have been discovered. Substances like nitric oxide, prostaglandins and endothelins have potent and important properties, involving not only the circulation as such but also the response to stimuli like inflammation and trauma. The endothelin system, discovered in 1988, has not only strong vasoconstrictor properties, but also immunomodulating, endocrinological and neurological… CONTINUE READING