The emotive causes of recurrent international conflicts.


Many international conflicts are recurrent, and many of these are characterized by periods of violence, including wars, that are hard to describe as planned products of rational decision-making. Analysis of these conflicts according to rational-choice international-relations theory or constructivist approaches has been less revealing than might have been hoped. We consider the possibility that emotive causes could better explain, or at least improve the explanation of, observed patterns. We offer three emotive models of recurrent conflict and we outline a method by which the reliability of emotive explanations derived from these models could be tested prospectively.

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@article{Long2003TheEC, title={The emotive causes of recurrent international conflicts.}, author={William J. Long and Peter Brecke}, journal={Politics and the life sciences : the journal of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences}, year={2003}, volume={22 1}, pages={24-35} }