The emesine assassin bug genus Empicoris (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) from Japan

  title={The emesine assassin bug genus Empicoris (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) from Japan},
  author={T. Ishikawa},
Empicoris Wolff, 1811 belongs to the tribe Ploiariolini of the assassin bug subfamily Emesinae, bearing a particular resemblance to some mosquitoes at first glance in their small body, slender appendages and black and white color pattern. Approximately 70 species from all over the world have been described in this genus (cf. Maldonado Capriles 1990; Putshkov & Putshkov 1996; Putshkov et al. 1999). However, a large number of new species of Empicoris can be expected not only from insufficiently… Expand
A total of 114 individuals of 14 wren species (Aves: Passeriformes: Troglodytidae) were examined. Nineteen birds (17 %) of six species were parasitised with 292 chewing lice (mean intensity = 15.4Expand
A record after 52 years, and additional description of the emesine assassin bug Emesopsis nubila (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae) from western India
A small reduviid bug Emesopsis nubila Uhler, 1893 is reported from Maharashtra State, India, for the first time.  Digital illustrations of important morphological characters, including male genitaliaExpand
Two new records of the family Reduviidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from the Korean Peninsula
Abstract Two species, Empicoris rubromaculatus (Blackburn, 1889) and Polytoxus armillatus Ishikawa, 1998, are first reported from the Korean Peninsula. Diagnoses and descriptions of genitalia of bothExpand
Synopsis of the genus Empicoris (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae) in Chile.
This poster presents a probabilistic procedure for estimating the intensity of the response of the immune system to the presence of carbon monoxide in the blood of animals. Expand


Contributions to the Morphology and Phylogeny of the Reduvioidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera). Part III. The Male and Female Genitalia
The various genital characteristics indicate a very close relationship between the Reduviidae and Pachynomidae, and the Thaumastocoridae also appear to be related, and do not show a close relationship of the reduviids to the Joppeicidae and Tingidae. Expand
New localities of the redu - viid bugs ( Heteroptera ) in Japan
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The reduviid - bugs ( Reduviidae , Heteroptera ) distributed in Saitama Prefecture . I . Emesinae , Stenopodainae and Peiratinae
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