The emerging nanomedicine landscape

  title={The emerging nanomedicine landscape},
  author={Volker Wagner and Anwyn Dullaart and Anne Bock and Axel Zweck},
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A global survey of companies pursuing 'nanomedicine' indicates that nanotechnology is taking root in the drug and medical device industry. 
Local Cancer Therapy with Magnetic Nanoparticles
The application of nanotechnology for treatment, diagnosis, and monitoring of diseases is summarized under the term nanomedicine. A particularly promising application is attributed to nanoparticular d
Drug therapy smartens up.
The submission of the first 'smart pill' for market approval, combined with progress in the European nanomedicine landscape, illustrates the positive outlook for drug therapy and health monitoring,
Nanomedicine - Impact and perspectives
An overview of recent developments in nanomedicine is provided and several areas of opportunity where current and emerging nanotechnologies can address numerous medical and health-related issues are highlighted.
Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
The application of nanotechnology in pharmacy has a long history and plays a key role in future pharmaceutical development and pharmacotherapy.
The emergence of the nanobiotechnology industry.
This work identifies, classifying and tracking firms with capabilities in both biotechnology and nanotechnology over time and analyses the emergence and evolution of the global nanobiotechnology industry.
Nanoparticles and Biological Environment Interactions
Deployment of nanoparticles (NPs) as diagnostic and therapeutic agents has been an intriguing approach over the past recent years. Downscaling to nano-dimension can drastically change the properties
1 – Introduction to nanomedicine
Clinical applications for passive and active nanomedicines are investigated, including issues such as drug carrying, imaging and diagnostics and tissue regeneration and antimicrobial products.
Nanotechnology in Cancer: an Overview on Importance of Patient’s Screening in Nanomedicine Based Combinational Therapies
Pre-selection screening of the patients using molecular approach is equally important to achieve the maximum benefit to the cancer patients.
Current scenario on impact of nanomedicine
Progress has been made towards controllable magnetic drug delivery systems for the treatment of breast cancer as well as for localizing magnetic pills anywhere within the GI tract.
Nanotechnology in therapeutics: a focus on nanoparticles as a drug delivery system.
Recent developments in the use of nanoparticles as drug delivery systems to treat a wide variety of diseases are reviewed and challenges and future nanotechnology strategies to overcome limitations are introduced.


Drug Delivery Systems: Entering the Mainstream
There is considerable interest in exploiting the advantages of DDS for in vivo delivery of new drugs derived from proteomics or genomics research and for their use in ligand-targeted therapeutics.
Nanobiotechnology: implications for the future of nanotechnology in orthopedic applications
It is suggested that nanophase materials can be synthesized to possess similar nanometer dimensions to components of bone tissue to promote new bone formation, compared with conventional orthopedic implant materials.
Developments in liposomal drug delivery systems
The success of liposomes for the delivery of small molecules is summarized, and how this success is being built on to design effective carriers for genetic drugs is indicated.
Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: An Action Plan for Europe
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Nanomedicines in action
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