The emergence of human uniqueness: Characters underlying behavioral modernity

  title={The emergence of human uniqueness: Characters underlying behavioral modernity},
  author={K. Hill and M. Barton and A. Hurtado},
  journal={Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues},
  • K. Hill, M. Barton, A. Hurtado
  • Published 2009
  • Biology
  • Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues
  • Although scientists are aware that humans share the same biological heritage as do all other organisms on the planet, the reliance of Homo sapiens on culture and cooperation has resulted in what can best be described as “a spectacular evolutionary anomaly.”1:11 The extra‐somatic adaptations, technological dominance, and success of our species in colonizing every terrestrial habitat have no parallel.2 Moreover, Homo sapiens accounts for about eight times as much biomass as do all other… CONTINUE READING
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