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The emergence of a new source of X-rays from the binary neutron star merger GW170817

  title={The emergence of a new source of X-rays from the binary neutron star merger GW170817},
  author={A. Hajela and R. Margutti and J. Bright and K. Alexander and B. Metzger and V. Nedora and A. Kathirgamaraju and B. Margalit and D. Radice and E. Berger and A. Macfadyen and D. Giannios and R. Chornock and I. Heywood and L. Sironi and O. Gottlieb and D. Coppejans and T. Laskar and Y. Cendes and R. B. Duran and T. Eftekhari and W. Fong and A. McDowell and M. Nicholl and X. Xie and J. Zrake and S. Bernuzzi and F. Broekgaarden and C. Kilpatrick and G. Terreran and V. Villar and P. Blanchard and S. Gomez and G. Hosseinzadeh and D. Matthews and J. Rastinejad},
A. Hajela, R. Margutti, J. S. Bright, K. D. Alexander*, B. D. Metzger, V. Nedora, A. Kathirgamaraju, B. Margalit, D. Radice, E. Berger, A. MacFadyen, D. Giannios, R. Chornock, I. Heywood, L. Sironi, O. Gottlieb, D. Coppejans, T. Laskar, Y. Cendes, R. Barniol Duran, T. Eftekhari, W. Fong, A. McDowell, M. Nicholl, X. Xie, J. Zrake, S. Bernuzzi, F. S. Broekgaarden, C. D. Kilpatrick, G. Terreran, V. A. Villar, P. K. Blanchard, S. Gomez, G. Hosseinzadeh, D. J. Matthews, and J. C. Rastinejad 

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