The emergence of Schmallenberg virus across Culicoides communities and ecosystems in Europe.

  title={The emergence of Schmallenberg virus across Culicoides communities and ecosystems in Europe.},
  author={Thomas Balenghien and N Pag{\`e}s and Maria Goffredo and Simon Carpenter and Denis Augot and Elisabeth Jacquier and Sandra Talavera and Federica Monaco and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Depaquit and Colette Grillet and Joan Pujols and Giuseppe Satta and Mohamed Kasbari and Marie-Laure Setier-Rio and Francesca Izzo and Cigdem Alkan and Jean-claude Delecolle and Michela Quaglia and R{\'e}mi N Charrel and Andrea Polci and Emmanuel Breard and Valentina Federici and C C{\^e}tre-Sossah and C Garros},
  journal={Preventive veterinary medicine},
  volume={116 4},
Schmallenberg virus (SBV), a novel arboviral pathogen, has emerged and spread across Europe since 2011 inflicting congenital deformities in the offspring of infected adult ruminants. Several species of Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) have been implicated in the transmission of SBV through studies conducted in northern Europe. In this study Culicoides from SBV outbreak areas of mainland France and Italy (Sardinia) were screened for viral RNA. The role of both C. obsoletus and… CONTINUE READING
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