The embalmed heart of Richard the Lionheart (1199 A.D.): a biological and anthropological analysis

  title={The embalmed heart of Richard the Lionheart (1199 A.D.): a biological and anthropological analysis},
  author={Philippe Charlier and J{\"o}el Poupon and G F Jeannel and Dominique Favier and Sorina Claudia Popescu and Rapha{\"e}l Weil and Christophe Moulherat and Isabelle Huynh-Charlier and Caroline Dorion-Peyronnet and Ana-Maria Lazar and Christian Herv{\'e} and Geoffroy Lorin de la Grandmaison},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
During the Middle Ages, the partition of the cadaver of the elite members was a current practice, with highly technical treatment given to symbolic organs such as the heart. Considered mostly from a theoretical point of view, this notion of dilaceratio corporis has never been biologically explored. To assess the exact kind of embalming reserved to the heart, we performed a full biomedical analysis of the mummified heart of the English King Richard I (1199 A.D.). Here we show among other aspects… CONTINUE READING

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