The electroreduction of benzyl cyanide on iron and cobalt cathodes

  title={The electroreduction of benzyl cyanide on iron and cobalt cathodes},
  author={Venkatasubramanian Krishnan and Arunachalam Muthukumaran and H. V. K. Udupa},
  journal={Journal of Applied Electrochemistry},
An electrochemical method for preparing amines from organic cyanides using iron black and cobalt black cathodes has been studied. Benzyl cyanide underwent smooth reduction at a cobalt black cathode in an aqueous ethanolic ammonium sulphate medium to give a 74% yield of 2-phenylethylamine with a current efficiency of 50%; whereas with an iron black cathode under the same conditions, a 57% yield of 2-phenylethylamine has been obtained with a current efficiency of 33%. 
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