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The efficiency of photovoltaic systems

  title={The efficiency of photovoltaic systems},
  author={Athanasios Gousiopoulos},
At this work the principle aim is to create new low cost hardware test circuitry that can emulate the behavior of solar cells under different insolation and temperature conditions. Another goal is to propose a new MPPT algorithm that could accurate and reliable estimate the maximum power operating point. The transcendental equation describing a solar cell IV characteristic contains current on both sides in a function of the form I = f (V, I). In this work, a current-independent voltage… 
Simulation approach of new photovoltaic structures based on epitaxial silicon thin layers on a monocrystalline silicon substrate
In the photovoltaic field, research is focused on two important axes: increasing cell efficiency, and reducing fabrication costs. To reduce the cost of the base materials, it is necessary to reduce