The efficiency of online cognitive-behavioral therapy for postpartum depressive symptomatology: a systematic review and meta-analysis

  title={The efficiency of online cognitive-behavioral therapy for postpartum depressive symptomatology: a systematic review and meta-analysis},
  author={Maria Roman and Ticu Constantin and Cristina Maria Bostan},
  journal={Women \& Health},
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ABSTRACT Postpartum depression (PD) is a frequently occurring disorder that affects the cognitive, emotional and social development of a mother after childbirth. Online cognitive-behavioral therapy (OCBT) is used as therapy for PD symptomatology, but no clear evidence is available about its effectiveness. The goal of this meta-analysis was to identify, synthesize and analyze the empiric studies regarding the OCBT effectiveness for PD. A search for indexed articles and unpublished theses between… 

The Clinical Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Patients with Insomnia and Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Findings support that CBT-I seems to be effective and safe for insomnia comorbid with depression to improve the insomnia condition, while it is unsure whether CBt-I could improve depression condition.

Effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy-based interventions for maternal perinatal depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Depression during the perinatal period (during pregnancy and the year after childbirth) is common and associated with a range of negative effects for mothers, infants, family members, and wider

Effectiveness of digital psychological interventions in reducing perinatal depression: a systematic review of meta-analyses

Digital psychological interventions have been widely used clinically in recent years, but the methodological quality and quality of evidence of related studies are unclear, thus interfering with the

Appraisal of systematic reviews on interventions for postpartum depression: systematic review

Overall the systematic reviews on interventions for PPD are of low-moderate quality and are not improving over time.

Psychological treatment of perinatal depression: a meta-analysis

Abstract Background Depression during pregnancy and after the birth of a child is highly prevalent and an important public health problem. Psychological interventions are the first-line treatment

Effects of digital health interventions on the psychological outcomes of perinatal women: umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

ABSTRACTEvidence about the effects of digital health interventions (DHIs) on the psychological outcomes of perinatal women is increasing but remains inconsistent. An umbrella review was conducted to

Online and Offline Intervention for the Prevention of Postpartum Depression among Rural-to-Urban Floating Women: Study Protocol for a Randomized Control Trial

If the intervention is effective, it will provide a convenient and effective intervention program on postpartum mental well-being for rural-to-urban floating women and could be used to plan a culturally appropriate OTO intervention for migrant mothers from different countries.

The Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Perinatal Depression: A Case Study

Results indicate that the UP can be adapted and personalized for the treatment of perinatal emotional disorders and seems to be useful in a group format.

A Meta-Analysis of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Adult Depression, Alone and in Comparison with other Treatments

There is no doubt that CBT is an effective treatment for adult depression, although the effects may have been overestimated until now.

Therapist-Supported Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Stress, Anxiety, and Depressive Symptoms Among Postpartum Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

It is revealed that therapist-supported iCBT significantly improves stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms among postpartum women with small to large effects.

The empirical status of cognitive-behavioral therapy: a review of meta-analyses.

Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Women With Postnatal Depression: A Randomized Controlled Trial of MumMoodBooster

The results suggest that the MumMoodBooster program is an effective treatment option for women clinically diagnosed with PND, which is potentially accessible to large numbers of women in metropolitan, rural, and remote areas.

Computer Therapy for the Anxiety and Depressive Disorders Is Effective, Acceptable and Practical Health Care: A Meta-Analysis

Computerized CBT for anxiety and depressive disorders, especially via the internet, has the capacity to provide effective acceptable and practical health care for those who might otherwise remain untreated.

A Comprehensive Review and a Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Internet-Based Psychotherapeutic Interventions

ABSTRACT Internet-based psychotherapeutic interventions have been used for more than a decade, but no comprehensive review and no extensive meta-analysis of their effectiveness have been conducted.

A Randomised Controlled Trial of Therapist-Assisted, Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Women with Maternal Depression

TA-ICBT participants demonstrated a reduction in postnatal anxiety, general stress, and parental distress, and an increase in psychological and environmental quality of life when compared to the waitlist control participants.

Web-based interventions for prevention and treatment of perinatal mood disorders: a systematic review

Preliminary data suggests web-based therapies for perinatal depression delivered in the post-partum period may play a role in improving maternalmood but more studies are needed, particularly with interventions delivered antenatally.

Efficacy of cognitive behavioral internet-based therapy in parents after the loss of a child during pregnancy: pilot data from a randomized controlled trial

The loss of a child during pregnancy can be a traumatic event associated with long-lasting grief and psychological distress. This study examined the efficacy of an internet-based cognitive behavioral