The efficacy and progress in using radiation as a quarantine treatment of tropical fruits—a case study in Hawaii

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  • Business
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Phytosanitary irradiation for export of fresh produce: commercial adoption in Hawaii and current issues

  • P. FollettM. Wall
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
  • 2012
Hawaii is a pioneer in the use of phytosanitary irradiation. Irradiation is an approved treatment to control quarantine insect pests in 17 fruits and 7 vegetables for export from Hawaii to the US

Tropical Fruit Irradiation - From Research to Commercial Application

Food irradiation is an emerging technology for the 21st century. Extensive research and development worldwide in the past 40 years have proved the versatility and efficacy. With low, medium to high

Phytosanitary Applications of Irradiation

Phytosanitary treatments are used to disinfest agricultural commodities of quarantine pests so that the com- modities can be shipped out of quarantined areas. Ionizing irradiation is a promising

Phytosanitary irradiation for fresh horticultural commodities: generic treatments, current issues, and next steps

Purpose of review : Phytosanitary treatments such as irradiation disinfest host commodities of quarantine insect pests before they are exported to areas where the pests do not occur, and are often


The aim of this study was using chemical and irradiation processing of banana fruit, to increase the storage period. The chemical treatment (Topsen 70% WP) with rate of 80g/100 liter water, then

Phytosanitary irradiation: An overview

This special issue of Florida Entomologist presents the accomplishments of the Coordinated Research Project (CRP): “Development of Generic Irradiation Doses for Quarantine Treatments” of the Joint

Effects of insect quarantine treatments on the quality of horticultural crops

Purpose of review: In ternational trade of horticultural commodities has b ecome increasingly important, but phytosanitary restrictio ns continue to limit its growth. Phytosanitary or quaran tine

Worldwide Status of Fresh Fruits Irradiation and Concerns about Quality, Safety, and Consumer Acceptance

ABSTRACT Development of knowledge-based food preservation techniques have been a major focus of researchers in providing safe and nutritious food. Food irradiation is one of the most thoroughly



Preservation of Food by Ionizing Radiation

These three volumes are, without question, the most comprehensive and the most authoritative source of information on the basic science and technology yet published on food preservation by the application of ionizing radiation.