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The effects of the back clearance size and the balance holes on the back clearance flow of the centrifugal pump with semi-open impeller

  title={The effects of the back clearance size and the balance holes on the back clearance flow of the centrifugal pump with semi-open impeller},
  author={Sang Hyun Park},
The Effects of the Back Clearance Size and the Balance Holes on the Back Clearance Flow of the Centrifugal Pump with Semi-Open Impeller. (December 2008) Sang Hyun Park, B.S., Yonsei University, Korea; M.S., Texas A&M University Chair of Advisory Committee: Dr. Gerald Morrison Conventionally the size of the back clearance played a great importance on reducing the axial clearance by utilizing the concept that the decreased axial clearance results in lower axial force acting on the impeller… 
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