The effects of pCO2 on yeast growth and metabolism under continuous fermentation

  title={The effects of pCO2 on yeast growth and metabolism under continuous fermentation},
  author={Hiroshi Kuriyama and Warapa Mahakarnchanakul and Shin Matsui and Harumi Kobayashi},
  journal={Biotechnology Letters},
The effects of pCO2 were investigated by changing the aeration rate, the purging gas and the total pressure in a chemostat cultivatioa Under glucose supply limitation, an increase in pCO2 from 44 kPa to 195 kPa resulted in 25 % decrease in cell concentration, 8 % increase in ethanol concentration, and 50 % decrease in glycerol concentration. Under oxygen supply limitation, similar dependency of ethanol and glycerol on pCO2 was observed, however, no influence of pCO2 on the cell yield was… CONTINUE READING


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