The effects of ouabain on steroid production by rat adrenal cells stimulated by angiotensin II, alpha 1-24 adrenocorticotropin, and potassium.

  title={The effects of ouabain on steroid production by rat adrenal cells stimulated by angiotensin II, alpha 1-24 adrenocorticotropin, and potassium.},
  author={L M Braley and Gordon H. Williams},
  volume={103 6},
Aldosterone and corticosterone production by rat adrenal glomerulosa cells was significantly (P < 0.01) increased by the cardiac glycoside, ouabain octahydrate, at a concentration of 10-5 M. Concentrations greater or less had no effect. Ouabain had a biphasic effect when added to cells maximally stimulated by angiotensin II (2.4 × 10-8 M) and αl–24 ACTH (1.4 × 10-10 M); 10-5 M ouabain raised aldosterone output significantly above the already elevated levels (P < 0.05), while 10-3 M ouabain… 

Ouabain increases aldosterone release from bovine adrenal glomerulosa cells: role of renin-angiotensin system.

These findings together with a stimulation of renin release by ouabain indicate that angiotens in II generated by the adrenal cell renin-angiotensin system in the presence of exogenous serum or exogenous angiotENSinogen is necessary for the ou abain-induced stimulation of aldosterone release.

Ouabain is a potent inhibitor of aldosterone secretion and angiotensin action in the human adrenal.

It is suggested that nanomolar levels of ouabain can reduce aldosterone secretion from human zona glomerulosa cells, as well as inhibiting Na,K-adenosine triphosphatases and could regulate ald testosterone secretion.

Effects of ouabain and potassium on protein synthesis and angiotensin-stimulated aldosterone synthesis in bovine adrenal glomerulosa cells.

Since protein synthesis is necessary for angiotensin II stimulation of cholesterol side-chain cleavage, ouabain depresses that step, pregnenolone synthesis, and thus, aldosterone synthesis, in bovine adrenal glomerulosa cells, and these data fit a model in which ou abain causes loss of cell potassium, which, in turn, depresses protein synthesis.

Role of Ca2+ in response of adrenal glomerulosa cells to angiotensin II, ACTH, K+, and ouabain.

The results suggest that Ca2+ mediates the effects of angiotensin II, ACTH, K+ and Na+-K+-ATPase inhibition on aldosterone biosynthesis, and may be the final common intracellular messenger of most ald testosterone secretagogues.

Effect of sodium deficiency on beta-melanocyte-stimulating hormone stimulation of aldosterone in isolated rat adrenal cells.

Sodium deficiency enhances the sensitivity of the adrenal glomerulosa cells tobeta MSH, causing significant stimulation of aldosterone production by doses of beta MSH within the physiological range, and data suggest that betaMSH or peptides containing Beta MSH may play a role in the regulation of a Aldosterone secretion during sodium deficiency in the rat.

Regulation of aldosterone secretion by a new aldosterone stimulating factor.

The present study suggests ASF shares a common rate-limiting final pathway of steroidogenesis, which may be the step between corticosterone to aldosterone, with ACTH, A II and beta-LPH.

Potassium fluxes in bovine adrenal cells during adrenocorticotropin stimulation.

Changes in flux were measured in isolated bovine zona fasciculata/reticularis cells and increases in cortisol synthesis by ouabain-treated cells in response to angiotensin II and ACTH were proportional to decreases in potassium influx.



Influence of ouabain on the formation of corticosterone in the rat adrenal gland.

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The data indicate that doses of ouabain decreased the ability of the adrenal cortex to secrete corticosterone in the absence of trophic influence and markedly enhanced its ability to respond in the presence of ACTH, particularly after 15 days of drug administration at 1.5-and 3.0-mg/kg dosages.

Inhibition of aldosterone secretion by ouabain in dog adrenal cortical tissue.

Steroid secretion in vitro by adrenal cortical slices from hypophysectomized and nephrectomized dogs was studied and it was suggested that the inhibitory action of ouabain on al...

In vivo effects of ouabain on aldosterone, corticosterone and cortisol secretion in conscious sheep.

Ouabain octahydrate has been administered sequentially at three dose levels, each for 30 min, into the arterial supply of autotransplanted adrenals of moderately Na-deficient conscious sheep to observe changes in adrenal steroid secretion and adrenal venous plasma.

The effect of medium composition and in vitro stimuli on the conversion of corticosterone to aldosterone in rat glomerulosa tissue.

Both potassium and ACTH produced an increase in aldosterone and corticosterone production, which caused maximally a 50% increase in the percent conversion.

Effect of Ouabain on Adrenal Potassium Balance in Sheep 1

The magnitude and time course of change in adrenal K balance when ouabain was administered into the adrenal arterial supply of the in situ adrenal of conscious sheep was investigated.

Stimulation in vitro of lactic acid production by rodent adrenal glands. Effects of glucose, ACTH, 3',5'-cyclic AMP, ouabain, potassium, anaerobiosis and corticosterone.

Aerobic glycolysis by mouse adrenal glands is increased in vitro by ACTH, cyclic AMP and dibutyryl cyclic PMP, in a dosedependent manner, and the steroidogenic response to cyclicAMP is also independent of the presence of glucose.

Metabolic competition between desoxy-corticosterone acetate and strophanthin-G in the rat.

The observations which will be described relate to interactions between desoxycorticosterone acetate and ouabain in the intact rat, with special reference to organ weights, tissue electrolyte concentrations and adrenal histology, in order to elucidation of the mechanism of action of the cardiac glycosides.

Are there unidentified factors in the control of aldosterone secretion.

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During the last decade, a substantial amount of evidence has accumulated to show that there are at least four factors involved in the regulation of aldosterone secretion. These include the primary ...