The effects of oral glutamine on cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.

  title={The effects of oral glutamine on cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.},
  author={Luciana de Oliveira Mora and Lus{\^a}nia Maria Greggi Antunes and Helo{\'i}sa Della Coletta Francescato and Maria de Lourdes Pires Bianchi},
  journal={Pharmacological research},
  volume={47 6},
The antioxidant activity of the amino acid glutamine was investigated to obtain protection against peroxidative damage in rat kidney and nephrotoxicity induced by the treatment with a single dose of the antitumoral cisplatin (5mgkg(-1) body weight). The animals were divided into four treatment and control groups of six rats each (n=6). Cisplatin was injected i.p. and glutamine (300mgkg(-1) body weight) was given by gavage 24h before the cisplatin injection. After 24h and 7 days of cisplatin… CONTINUE READING
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