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The effects of negative body talk in an ethnically diverse sample of college students.

  title={The effects of negative body talk in an ethnically diverse sample of college students.},
  author={Alina V Katrevich and Joshua D. Register and M. Aruguete},
  journal={North American Journal of Psychology},
  • Alina V Katrevich, Joshua D. Register, M. Aruguete
  • Published 2014
  • Psychology
  • North American Journal of Psychology
  • In the United States, the ideal appearance for both men and women is simply defined as young, fit, and thin (Becker, Diedrichs, Jankowski, & Werchan, 2013). Focus on the value of the idealized body is associated with habitual concern over one's appearance (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997). One manifestation of such concern is "negative body talk," a general term encompassing discussion about one's physical appearance (Engeln, Sladek, & Waldron, 2013). Body talk which focuses on weight ("fat talk… CONTINUE READING
    Hearing vs. engaging in negative body talk: an examination of adult men
    hallenging fat talk : An experimental investigation of reactions to ody disparaging conversations
    • uman Ambwania, Megan Baumgardnerb, Cai Guoc, Lea Simmsa, Emily Abromowitza
    • 2017


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