The effects of naloxone on the neural control of the urinary bladder of the cat

  title={The effects of naloxone on the neural control of the urinary bladder of the cat},
  author={James R. Roppolo and A. J. Cadamy M. G. Booth and W. C. de Groat},
  journal={Brain Research},
Naloxone in doses ranging from 0.5 to 512 micrograms/kg i.v., enhanced reflex contractions of the urinary bladder of the cat. At the lowest doses (threshold, 0.5-5 micrograms/kg) the drug increased the frequency of spontaneous bladder contractions. In large doses (10-100 micrograms/kg) the drug produced an initial tonic contraction of bladder lasting 15-40 min followed by a period of high frequency rhythmic activity. Multiunit firing in parasympathetic postganglionic nerves on the surface of… CONTINUE READING

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