The effects of incubation on phosphorus desorption properties, phosphorus availability, and salinity of biosolids-amended soils

  title={The effects of incubation on phosphorus desorption properties, phosphorus availability, and salinity of biosolids-amended soils},
  author={Alireza Hosseinpur and Hamed Pashamokhtari},
  journal={Environmental Earth Sciences},
Phosphorus (P) desorption characteristics may be altered due to the biosolids decomposition during the incubation period. In our previous work we studied the phosphorus release kinetics in biosolids-amended calcareous soils with no prior incubation. The objectives of this work were (1) to assess the phosphorus desorption behavior in soils as influenced by biosolids after 5 months of incubation and (2) to evaluate the influences of six levels of the biosolids on phosphorus availability and… Expand

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