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The effects of early experience on the hippocampus.

  title={The effects of early experience on the hippocampus.},
  author={Lynn Allison. Wilson},
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On the role of hippocampal connections in the performance of place and cue tasks: comparisons with damage to hippocampus.

Findings indicate that interruption of hippocampal input/output pathways and/or damaging some closely related structures has a greater effect on the behaviors studied than does direct damage to hippocampus.

Configural association theory: The role of the hippocampal formation in learning, memory, and amnesia

How the theory can be applied to explain a wide range of impairments that have been observed when learning and memory tasks have been employed to assess the effect of hippocampal formation damage is illustrated.

Neuroanatomical bases of spatial memory

The hippocampal memory indexing theory.

It is asserted that the reactivation of the stored hippocampal memory index will serve to also reactivate the associated unique array of neocortical areas and thus will result in a memorial experience.

Preserved motor learning in Alzheimer's disease: implications for anatomy and behavior

  • P. EslingerA. Damasio
  • Psychology, Biology
    The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience
  • 1986
The results support the existence of two, relatively independent, learning systems related to “declarative” and “procedural” knowledge and offer additional cognitive correlates for the selective damage to neural systems recently identified in AD.

Temporal changes in open-field activity following progressive lesions of entorhinal cortex: evidence for enhanced recovery.

  • B. Fass
  • Biology, Psychology
    Behavioral and neural biology
  • 1983

Different Memory Systems Underlying Acquisition of Procedural and Declarative Knowledge a

It is shown that amnesic patients with marked disorders of learning and memory demonstrate a striking dissociation between the memory processes or memory systems that support the acquisition of cognitive skills and the processes or systems that mediate the Acquisition of new facts or other data-based knowledge.

Spatial memory and hippocampal function

An autoradiographic study of the time of origin and the pattern of granule cell migration in the dentate gyrus of the rat

The dentate gyrus of the rat contains about 600,000 granule cells. These small neurons are generated over a prolonged period from the 14th day of gestation until sime time after the second postnatal

Effects of Brief Separation from Mother on Rhesus Monkeys

The finding that such a brief separation experience, involving removal of the mother but no exposure to a strange environment, can produce effects lasting for months or years in rhesus monkeys strengthens the evidence that long-term effects may occur also in man.