The effects of adenosine ligands R-PIA and CPT on ethanol withdrawal.

  title={The effects of adenosine ligands R-PIA and CPT on ethanol withdrawal.},
  author={Michael B Gatch and Cleatus J. Wallis and Harbans Lal},
  volume={19 1},
The potential anxiogenic or anxiolytic effects of R(-)-N6-(2-phenylisopropyl)adenosine (R-PIA), an adenosine agonist, and 8-cyclopentyl-1,3,dimethylxanthine (CPT), an adenosine antagonist, were tested during chronic exposure to ethanol and to ethanol-induced withdrawal in rats. Effects on anxiety were measured by the elevated plus maze and dark-light box. Ethanol consumption and preference was tested in an additional experiment. In testing of elevated plus maze performance during withdrawal… CONTINUE READING

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