The effects of acute psychological stress on circulating and stimulated inflammatory markers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

  title={The effects of acute psychological stress on circulating and stimulated inflammatory markers: A systematic review and meta-analysis},
  author={Anna L. Marsland and Catherine P Walsh and Kimberly G Lockwood and Neha A. John-Henderson},
  journal={Brain, Behavior, and Immunity},

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Association of stress-related neural activity and baseline interleukin-6 plasma levels in healthy adults
Plasma levels of the cytokine interleukin (IL)-6 were obtained as a baseline measure of peripheral inflammatory processes and linked to neural markers of psychosocial stress using a modified version of the Montreal Imaging Stress Task and the results suggest that baseline inflammatory physiology might be related to differences in the neural stress response.
IL-6 and IL-8 are likely associated with psychological status in treatment na#x00EF;ve general population
Overall, the results suggested IL-6 and IL-8 might play a important role in the pathogenesis of psychological disorder.
What moderates salivary markers of inflammation reactivity to stress? A descriptive report and meta-regression
BMI may be important to examine when assessing salivary markers of inflammation in response to stress, and influence factors that influence these markers’ reactivity to stress is important.
The plasma interleukin-6 response to acute psychosocial stress in humans is detected by a magnetic multiplex assay: comparison to high-sensitivity ELISA
Results suggest high-sensitivity magnetic multiplex assay is able to detect changes in plasma concentrations of IL-6 as a result of acute stress in humans.
Associations between inflammatory markers and well-being during 12 weeks of basic military training
The BMT program appears to support improved well-being over the 12 weeks, with minimal perturbation to inflammatory markers, and subjective measures may represent more cost-effective proxies for ongoing monitoring of military personnel.


The effects of acute psychological stress on circulating inflammatory factors in humans: A review and meta-analysis
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Gender differences in stimulated cytokine production following acute psychological stress
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