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The effects of Atlantic salmon aquaculture on decapod crustaceans and fishes in the Quoddy region of the Bay of Fundy

  title={The effects of Atlantic salmon aquaculture on decapod crustaceans and fishes in the Quoddy region of the Bay of Fundy},
  author={Lloyd Hulmes},
  • Lloyd Hulmes
  • Published 1 October 2017
  • Biology, Environmental Science
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported in 2016 that aquaculture production had doubled since 2001, indicating exponential growth in the industry that has a global value of more than $200 billion CAD. In New Brunswick, Canada, there is concern that the activities of the aquaculture industry are having a detrimental effect on benthic communities, with an emphasis on the commercially-important American lobster. The aim of this thesis was to monitor the impacts of the aquaculture… 



Impact of Aquaculture on Commercial Fisheries: Fishermen’s Local Ecological Knowledge

Concerns suggest that more comprehensive and detailed studies are required to establish the environmental and economic interactions of aquaculture and the inshore fishery, as well as on the stocks on which that fishery rely.

The influence of finfish aquaculture on benthic fish and crustacean assemblages in Fitzgerald Bay, South Australia

The results suggested that aquaculture was having little if any impact on the abundance and assemblage structure of the demersal macrofauna in Fitzgerald Bay.

Effect of feed and feeding in the culture of salmonids on the marine aquatic environment: a synthesis for European aquaculture

At present production levels, improvements in the feeding efficiency and feed quality of aquafeeds could reduce waste and consequent environmental impacts.

Local enhancement of epibenthic macrofauna by aquaculture activities

It is suggested that large macroinvertebrates and benthic fishes, including ecologically and commercially important species, seem to respond positively to the presence of suspended mussel culture.


A review of recent trends and future prospects for the aquaculture industry, with particular attention paid to ocean farming and carnivorous finfish species, and assesses its potential to relieve human pressure on mari...

Assessment of regional benthic impact of salmon mariculture within the Letang Inlet, Bay of Fundy

Pohle, G., Frost, B., and Findlay, R. 2001. Assessment of regional benthic impact ofsalmon mariculture within the Letang Inlet, Bay of Fundy. – ICES Journal of MarineScience, 58: 417–426.Between 1994

Characterising the fate of nitrogenous waste from the sea-cage aquaculture of spiny lobsters using numerical modelling

Results indicated that DIN output from the hypothetical spiny lobster sea-cage farming is unlikely to be problematic using the FCR, stocking density, and the number of cages modelled at the coastal site in this study.

Use of lumpfish for sea-lice control in salmon farming: challenges and opportunities

The gap analysis indicates that the areas in most need of research include better control of maturation for year-round production; formulation of appropriate diets; artificial selection of elite lines with desirable traits; development of vaccines for certified, disease-free juvenile production.