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The effects of 'N-benzylaminopurine and α-naphthaleneacetic acid on organogénesis in Cymbidium.

  title={The effects of 'N-benzylaminopurine and $\alpha$-naphthaleneacetic acid on organog{\'e}nesis in Cymbidium.},
  author={Taei Matsui and K Kawai and Yoshihiko Samata},

In vitro Mass Propagation of an Epiphytic Orchid, Cymbidium aloifolium (L.) Sw., through Protocorm Culture

MS medium supplemented with high concentration of BAP and low concentration of NAA was found to be efficient for maximum multiplication of shoot and root and might be useful for mass propagation and ex situ conservation of this orchid through protocorm culture.

The effects of benzyladenine, gibberellin and paclobutrazol on organogenesis in Cymbidium species

Addition of paclobutrazol to modified MS medium induced prptocorm-like body (PLB) formation from rhizome segment cultures of Cyrnbidium kanran Makino (terrestrial type) and single addition of 10μMBA had a significant effect on induction and increased the number of shoots.