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The effectiveness of transitional group therapy: Promoting resiliency in foster children

  title={The effectiveness of transitional group therapy: Promoting resiliency in foster children},
  author={Patricia Ann Craven},

Using Group Therapy to Improve the Well-Being of Children in Foster Care

This study evaluates the effect of attachment theory on children as it relates to psychopathology and behavior and the history of the various social service organizations that impact children who enter the child welfare system is reviewed.

Transitional Group Therapy to Promote Resiliency in First-Time Foster Children: A Pilot Study

Foster care places children at high risk for immediate and long-term psycho-social-educational problems. A therapeutic “cocktail”—transitional group therapy (TGT)—has been developed as an inoculation



Adapting the Pynoos School Based Group Therapy Model for Use with Foster Children: Theoretical and Process Considerations

Children who enter foster care are removed from their homes, their families, and everything else that is familiar. They are then placed with strangers. Once protective services are initiated,

Specialized Assessments for Children in Foster Care

Findings indicate that community providers identify medical and educational needs but do not recognize developmental and mental health needs of young children newly entering foster care, and make a case for the establishment of specialized services for children entering out-of-home care.

Preventing conduct problems in Head Start children: strengthening parenting competencies.

Mothers in the intervention group were observed at home to have significantly fewer critical remarks and commands, to use less harsh discipline, and to be more positive and competent in their parenting when compared with control mothers.

The changing American family: A reevaluation of the rights of foster parents when biological parental rights have been terminated

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An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Intensive In-Home Crisis Services for Children and Their Families

In this article, we describe the outcomes associated with a 3-year research demonstration project. It is the second of a two-part article concerned with this research conducted in the Bronx, New

Prevention of intellectual impairment in children of women who smoke cigarettes during pregnancy.

Comprehensive prenatal home-visitation services can offset the impairment in intellectual functioning associated with substantial maternal smoking during pregnancy, according to a Randomized clinical trial.

Identity youth and crisis, New York (W W Norton) 1968.

The future of adoption for children in foster care: Demographics in a changing socio-political environment

Abstract As the next century unfolds, adoption will be influenced by economic, social, and political factors that will influence the number of children needing adoption and the number of families

The Prediction of Successful Foster Placement

This study examines the incidence and causes of foster home breakdowns—the unplanned removal of children from foster care. Results indicate that successful placement was most highly associated with