The effectiveness of TRONCHIP instructions in the TX1 system


A description is given of the architecture of the TX1, which is the first 32-bit microprocessor of the Toshiba TX series. The TX1 supports 92 instructions including high-level instructions for efficient use of compilers and operating systems. The effectiveness of the high-level instructions was evaluated by comparing their execution cycles on the TX1 board computer with their equivalent programs using only basic instructions, and it was found that they could execute about two or four times as fast as the equivalent programs. About 27% performance improvement was achieved by using the high-level instructions in the Dhrystone benchmark program.<<ETX>>

DOI: 10.1109/CMPCON.1989.301901

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@article{Kishigami1989TheEO, title={The effectiveness of TRONCHIP instructions in the TX1 system}, author={Hidechika Kishigami and Takashi Miyamori and Misao Miyata}, journal={Digest of Papers. COMPCON Spring 89. Thirty-Fourth IEEE Computer Society International Conference: Intellectual Leverage}, year={1989}, pages={43-47} }