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The effect of wind turbines onsubsynchronous resonance

  title={The effect of wind turbines onsubsynchronous resonance},
  author={Ahmed M. Farghaly},
With the rapid growth of the penetration of wind power into the power system, fixed series compensation is considered as an economic solution to increase power transfer capability. This will render the power system vulnerable to Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR). This thesis conducts research on the effect of wind turbines represented by Fixed Speed Induction Generator-Based Wind Turbines (FSIG-WTs) and Fully Rated Converter-Based Wind Turbines (FRC-WTs) on damping SSR. Firstly, SSR is… 


Mitigation of subsynchronous oscillations in a series compensated wind farm with Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC)
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Wind power penetration is rapidly growing all over the world as the alternative, renewable and environment friendly resource of energy production. With this rapid growth of wind power, the power…
Influence of Fully Rated Converter-based wind turbines on SSR
The potential of Fully Rated Converter-based wind turbines (FRC-WTs) on the mitigation of subsynchronous resonances (SSR) in the power system having series-compensated transmission line. IEEE First…
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Parameters impact on the performance of a double-fed induction generator-based wind turbine for subsynchronous resonance control
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Mitigation of Subsynchronous Resonance in a Series-Compensated Wind Farm Using FACTS Controllers
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Modal Analysis of a DFIG-Based Wind Farm Interfaced With a Series Compensated Network
Interests of subsynchronous resonance (SSR) in series compensated electric networks with wind power penetration have arisen recently. To better understand the nature of such systems, modal analysis…
Mitigating SSR Using DFIG-Based Wind Generation
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Subsynchronous resonance (SSR) phenomenon in wind farms connected with series compensated transmission network has been researched in recent literature. Mitigating SSR using FACTS devices such as…
Small-signal dynamic model and analysis of a fixed-speed wind farm - a frequency response approach
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StatCom control at wind farms with fixed-speed induction generators under asymmetrical grid faults
Investigations on an FSIG-based wind farm in combination with a StatCom under unbalanced grid voltage fault are carried out by means of theory, simulations, and measurements, and the results clarify the effect of the positive- and the negative-sequence voltage compensation by aStatCom on the operation of theFSIG- based wind farm.