The effect of the signalling scheme on the robustness of pattern formation in development

  title={The effect of the signalling scheme on the robustness of pattern formation in development},
  author={Hye-Won Kang and L. Zheng and H. Othmer},
  journal={Interface Focus},
  pages={465 - 486}
  • Hye-Won Kang, L. Zheng, H. Othmer
  • Published 2012
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Interface Focus
  • Pattern formation in development is a complex process which involves spatially distributed signals called morphogens that influence gene expression and thus the phenotypic identity of cells. Usually different cell types are spatially segregated, and the boundary between them may be determined by a threshold value of some state variable. The question arises as to how sensitive the location of such a boundary is to variations in properties, such as parameter values, that characterize the system… CONTINUE READING
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