The effect of the gestural prompt on syntax training.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the facilitative effects of prompts in syntax training as compared to the same procedure without the gestural prompt. Ten normal children, ranging in age from four years to five years, five months were trained to produce the double object syntactic structure. In training the double object, the experimental group was presented a picture and asked by the examiner "What is the (person) doing? The (person) is (verbing) the --." The subject was to complete the intraverbal lead with the appropriate indirect-direct object combination. A gestural prompt was given at this point to aid the child in producing the correct response. The prompt was also presented in the subsequent event as corrective feedback or verbal reinforcement. The control group was presented the same picture stimuli and verbal stimuli, but without the gestural prompt accompanying the antecedent event or the subsequent events. The results obtained from this study indicated that there was no significant difference between the two groups regarding the number of sessions required to reach criterion. The data did show, however, that the experimental group made fewer errors within any one session than did the control group up to the sessions in which criterion was reached.

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