The effect of spaceflight on cartilage cell cycle and differentiation.

  title={The effect of spaceflight on cartilage cell cycle and differentiation.},
  author={Stephen B. Doty and Dalina Stiner and William G. Telford},
  journal={Journal of gravitational physiology : a journal of the International Society for Gravitational Physiology},
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In vivo studies have shown that spaceflight results in loss of bone and muscle. In an effort to understand the mechanisms of these changes, cell cultures of cartilage, bone and muscle have been subjected to spaceflight to study the microgravity effects on differentiated cells. However it now seems that the cell differentiation process itself may be the event(s) most affected by spaceflight. For example, osteoblast-like cells have been shown to have reduced cellular activity in microgravity due… CONTINUE READING