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The effect of sound on the growth of plants

  title={The effect of sound on the growth of plants},
  author={Mary E. Collins and John E. K. Foreman},
  journal={Canadian Acoustics},
This project is intended to show how the rate of growth of two different plant species was affected by sounds of varying frequencies. Two plant species, beans and impatiens, were selected because of their relatively fast growing rates. Ambient conditions were regulated by environmental chambers in which the plants were housed. One chamber was used as a control for the plants, and the plants in the other chambers were subjected to sounds of different frequencies at roughly the same sound… 

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The effect of sound at both frequencies significantly stimulated the germination and growth of grains and seedlings of vernalized spring (Marquis) and winter wheats and Rideau wheat grew more vigorously at both sound frequencies.

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Plants pretreated with either 1250 Hz or 12 kHz frequencies did not differ significantly from controls, but the height, number of roots,number of tillers, and fresh and dry weights of the root and shoot systems were significantly larger in plantspretreated with 5  kHz sound, when compared with controls.

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The effect of random noise on the growth rate of 12 tobacco plants is presented. During a two‐week period of exposure, the average growth rate of the plants decreased by 40.6%.

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An optical distortion device which can make a contact copy of a photographic film image with one dimension of the copy lengthened or shortened while the perpendicular dimension is unchanged is

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Effect of Noise on Plant Growth

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Sound Analysis and Noise Control

Sound analysis and noise control , Sound analysis and noise control , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی