The effect of resveratrol on oxidative ovary-damage induced by methotrexate in rats (Resveratrol oxidative ovary-damage).

  title={The effect of resveratrol on oxidative ovary-damage induced by methotrexate in rats (Resveratrol oxidative ovary-damage).},
  author={Nahit Ata and Nur Gozde Kulhan and Mehmet Kulhan and Can Turkler and Tunay Kiremitli and Sevil Kiremitli and Ferda Keskin Çimen and Halis Suleyman and Veysel Toprak},
  journal={General physiology and biophysics},
  volume={38 6},
Methotrexate (MTX) is a commonly used folic acid antagonist for the treatment of neoplasia and some autoimmune diseases. Resveratrol has important anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of resveratrol on MTX-induced ovary-damage and oxidative stress in rats. We hypothesized that supplement of resveratrol could counteract MTX-induced cytotoxicity in rat ovary. Albino Wistar female rats were randomly divided into three… Expand
The Role of Oxidative Stress and Natural Antioxidants in Ovarian Aging
It is shown that oxidative stress plays a role in the etiology of ovarian aging and promotes the development of other ovarian aging-related etiologies, including telomere shortening, mitochondrial dysfunction, apoptosis, and inflammation, which raises the prospect of oxidative stress modulator-natural antioxidants as therapeutic interventions for delaying ovarian aging. Expand
The effect of taxifolin on oxidative ovarian damage and reproductive dysfunctions induced by antipsychotic drugs in female rats
The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of taxifolin on possible ovarian and reproductive toxicity associated with CLN and haloperidol in female Wistar albino rats. Expand
Resveratrol Improved the Immune Function of Rats Exposed to T-lymphocyte Injury Induced by Samray
卓微伟 (江苏医药职业学院药学院,江苏盐城 224005) 摘要:本文研究了白藜芦醇改善 γ射线诱导的 T-淋巴细胞损伤大鼠的免疫功能。选取 SPF 级 50 只 SD 健康大鼠,随机分为空白 组、模型组、低剂量组(20 μmol/L)、中剂量组(40 μmol/L)和高剂量组(80 μmol/L),建立 γ射线诱导的 T 淋巴细胞损伤模型大鼠。Expand


Protective effect of resveratrol against methotrexate-induced oxidative stress in the small intestinal tissues of rats.
Resveratrol and famotidine were found to significantly prevent elevation of the MDA, 8-OH/Gua and MPO parameters with MTX and decrease of the levels of tGSH in the duodenal and jejunal tissues. Expand
The effect of mirtazapine on methotrexate-induced oxidative damage and infertility in rats
In conclusion, mirtazapine can be used to prevent infertility appearing in patients receiving MTX therapy and an association between oxidative stress in ovarian tissue induced by MTX and infertility is demonstrated. Expand
Resveratrol ameliorates methotrexate-induced hepatotoxicity in rats via inhibition of lipid peroxidation
RVT treatment significantly prevented MTX-induced hepatotoxicity, as indicated by AST, ALT, and ALP levels and liver histopathology, and revealed that RVT may have a protective effect against methotrexate (MTX) therapy by inhibiting oxidative stress-mediated lipid peroxidation. Expand
Long-term treatment with resveratrol attenuates oxidative stress pro-inflammatory mediators and apoptosis in streptozotocin-nicotinamide-induced diabetic rats.
Four-month oral resveratrol administration significantly alleviated hyperglycemia, weight loss, enhancement of oxidative markers (lipid peroxidation index, nitrite/nitrate content and oxidized to reduced glutathione ratio) and superoxide dismutase activity in diabetic rats, suggesting that treatment with resver atrol may be considered as a therapeutic approach to reduce diabetic-related complications. Expand
The effects of lycopene on methotrexate-induced liver injury in rats.
Results of this study revealed that Lyc might be useful in protecting the liver from injury due to Mtx in rats by reducing the increased proinflammatory cytokine levels. Expand
Ovarian failure in diabetic rat model: nuclear factor-kappaB, oxidative stress, and pentraxin-3.
Findings provide strong evidence that the ovarian follicle pool in nontreated diabetic rats is affected in the early stages of the follicle development process, and the relationship between this abnormality and reproductive function in diabetic patients should be analyzed further. Expand
Resveratrol protects against age-associated infertility in mice.
The data provide a proof of principle of the fertility-sparing effect of resveratrol in female mice, and the data obtained using a mouse model may not extrapolate directly to human reproduction, and more extensive research is needed if any clinic trials are to be attempted. Expand
The role of resveratrol on full - Thickness uterine wound healing in rats.
OBJECTIVE Healing of the uterus after cesarean section and myomectomy operation is clinically important. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effects of resveratrolExpand
Resveratrol prevents nicotine-induced teratogenesis in cultured mouse embryos.
Findings indicate that resveratrol has a noted protective effect against nicotine-induced teratogenesis in mouse embryos through its antioxidative and anti-apoptotic effects. Expand
The effects of resveratrol on ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in a rat model.
RSV is beneficial for prevention of OHSS by reducing the increases in body and ovarian weight and VEGF activity and these effects may be mediated by anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-angiogenic capacity of RSV. Expand