The effect of r-process enhancement in binary CEMP-s/r stars

  title={The effect of r-process enhancement in binary CEMP-s/r stars},
  author={Sara Bisterzo and Roberto Gallino},
  • Sara Bisterzo, Roberto Gallino
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • About half of carbon and s-process enhanced metal-poor stars (CEMP-s) show a high r-process enrichment (CEMP-s/r), incompatible with a pure s-process contribution. CEMP-s stars are of low mass (M < 0.9 M⊙) and belong to binary systems. The C and s-process enrichment results from mass transfer by the winds of the primary AGB companion (now a white dwarf). The nucleosynthesis of the r-process, instead, is believed to occur in massive stars exploding as Supernovae of Type II. The most… CONTINUE READING

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