The effect of pulsation frequency on transition in pulsatile pipe flow

  title={The effect of pulsation frequency on transition in pulsatile pipe flow},
  author={Duo Xu and Marc Avila},
  journal={Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
  pages={937 - 951}
  • Duo Xu, M. Avila
  • Published 25 March 2018
  • Physics
  • Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Pulsatile flows are common in nature and in applications, but their stability and transition to turbulence are still poorly understood. Even in the simple case of pipe flow subject to harmonic pulsation, there is no consensus among experimental studies on whether pulsation delays or enhances transition. We here report direct numerical simulations of pulsatile pipe flow at low pulsation amplitude $A\leqslant 0.4$ . We use a spatially localized impulsive disturbance to generate a single turbulent… 

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It is shown that in pipes, turbulence that is transient at low Reynolds numbers becomes sustained at a distinct critical point and is intrinsic to the nature of fluid turbulence.

The onset of turbulence in physiological pulsatile flow in a straight tube

The critical peak Reynolds number was found to correlate with the Womersley parameter and the Strouhal number as a power law function with a root-mean-square (rms) error of 15.2%.


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An experimental study of the decay of turbulent puffs in pipe flow

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It is not clear whether a critical point exists where turbulence becomes sustained or if it remains transient, so it is here aimed to clarify if conflicting results may have been caused by the different experimental and numerical protocols used to trigger turbulence in these studies.

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