The effect of procaine on snake twitch muscle fibres.

  title={The effect of procaine on snake twitch muscle fibres.},
  author={P. Heistracher and Carlton C. Hunt},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={201 3},
1. The effect of procaine on the contractile responses of voltage clamped snake twitch muscle fibres has been investigated. Procaine hydrochloride shortened the duration of contractures produced by long depolarizing pulses. It also reduced the amount of inactivating outward current.2. The rate of repriming was greatly slowed by procaine. At -80 mV, for example, the time to half restoration of contractile response was 6 sec in procaine (5 x 10(-3), w/v) as compared to 1.15 sec in tetrodotoxin… CONTINUE READING