The effect of prehospital fluids on survival in trauma patients.

  title={The effect of prehospital fluids on survival in trauma patients.},
  author={Susan Kaweski and Michael J. Sise and Roberta Virgilio},
  journal={The Journal of trauma},
  volume={30 10},
  pages={1215-8; discussion 1218-9}
The effect of prehospital intravenous fluids upon survival was studied in 6,855 trauma patients. Mean prehospital time was 36 minutes in both the group of patients who received fluids and the group that did not. The volume of fluid administered was not significantly different in the group who survived compared to those who died. Eighty-five per cent of the patients had an Injury Severity Score (ISS) less than 25 and the mortality rate in the 56% of patients in this group who received fluids was… CONTINUE READING

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