The effect of povidone iodine on the corneal endothelium.

  title={The effect of povidone iodine on the corneal endothelium.},
  author={Banu N Alp and Orhan Elibol and Mustafa Fevzi Sargon and Ovgu Aslan and Ates Yanyali and Levent Karabas and H. M. Talu and Yusuf Ş{\"u}kr{\"u} Çağlar},
  volume={19 4},
PURPOSE Povidone iodine has been proven to be a valuable antiseptic solution in preparing the eye for surgery and is an alternative to postoperative topical antibiotics. No study has addressed the intraocular toxicity of povidone iodine after injection into the anterior chamber. We investigated the potential toxicity of povidone iodine on the corneal endothelium after injections into the anterior chamber in a rabbit model. METHODS In this study we used 24 eyes of 12 albino rabbits. The eyes… CONTINUE READING


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