The effect of physical appearance on the judgment of guilt, interpersonal attraction, and severity of recommended punishment in a simulated jury task.

  title={The effect of physical appearance on the judgment of guilt, interpersonal attraction, and severity of recommended punishment in a simulated jury task.},
  author={Michael G. Efran},
  journal={Journal of Research in Personality},
  • M. G. Efran
  • Published 1 June 1974
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Research in Personality
Effect of Rape Victim's Attractiveness in a Jury Simulation
The present study tested the hypothesis that a rape victim's physical attractiveness would differentially influence the decisions of simulated jurors. The implications of previous research on this
Beautiful but dangerous: Effects of offender attractiveness and nature of the crime on juridic judgment.
The physical attractiveness of a criminal defendant (attractive, unattractive, no information) and the nature of the crime (attractiveness-related, attractiveness-unrelated) were varied in a
Defendant's Attractiveness as a Factor in the Outcome of Criminal Trials: An Observational Study1
Observers rated the physical attractiveness of 74 defendants in criminal court, covering a broad range of offenses. Seventy-three usable cases were obtained. For 67 defendants (excluding those who
Is Justice Really Blind?–The Influence of Litigant Physical Attractiveness on Juridical Judgment1
The present investigation examined the influence of litigant physical attractiveness on the decisions of 91 undergraduates playing the role of nondeliberating jurors in an automobile negligence
Person Perception and Jurors’ Reactions to Defendants
Interest in the relationship of the social sciences to the legal field has a fairly long history (Marston, 1924; Munsterberg, 1908; Osborne, 1937, Wigmore, 1909). However, prior to the mid-1960s
Effects of Offenders' Age and Attractiveness on Sentencing by Mock Juries
Pictures of physically attractive or unattractive women, who were either young or old, were attached to case reports of either a swindle or a burglary, and attractiveness had no influence on the sentencing by the jury.
The influence of criminal facial stereotypes on juridic judgments
In order to further research into the influence of facial stereotypes on juridic judgments, we investigated the influence of face/offence congruency on such judgments, taking into account the
Effects of victim's and defendant's physical attractiveness on the perception of responsibility in an ambiguous domestic violence case
A 2 × 4 × 4 factorial design was used to assess the effects of physical attractiveness in a domestic violence case. The attractiveness of both the defendant and victim were varied along four levels.
Attractive but Guilty: Deliberation and the Physical Attractiveness Bias
Mock jurors who did not deliberate were more likely to find the plain-looking defendant guilty, whereas mock jurors who deliberated were morelikely to finding the attractive defendant guilty.


Interpersonal attraction and confidence of attraction ratings as a function of number of attitudes and attitude similarity
The principles involved in the averaging-summation controversy in person perception research were applied to an attitude similarity paradigm in which the number of attitudes (2, 4, and 8) and
The defendant's dilemma: effects of jurors' attitudes and authoritarianism on judicial decisions.
Tested the hypotheses that (a) attitude similarity between defendant and juror is positively related to judicial decisions favoring the defendant, and (b) juror authoritarianism is negatively related
Importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior.
It was proposed that an individual would most often expect to date, would try to date, and would like a partner of approximately his own social desirability. In brief, we attempted to apply level of
KRECH, D., & CRUTCIIFIELD, R. S. Minor studies in aggression: The influence of frustrations imposed by the in-group on attitudes expressed toward outgroups.
What is beautiful is good.
The present results indicate a "what is beautiful is good" stereotype along the physical attractiveness dimension with no Sex of Judge X Sex of Stimulus interaction, which has implications on self-concept development and the course of social interaction.
Sentencing as a Human Process
Sentencing is not a neutral or mechanical act; it is a human process, highly charged affectively and motivationally. Sentencing decisions take place in a social environment of laws, facts, ideas, and
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Summary Three experiments were conducted to explore the role of informational or cognitive processes in the similarity-attraction relationship. In all three, the usual attraction methodology was
Cognitive certainty and affective neutrality as a function of stimulus homogeneity-heterogeneity
Edwards & Ostrom (1971) demonstrated that homogeneous vs heterogeneous descriptions yield differential cognitive responses but nondifferentiated affective responses. The relevance of their findings