The effect of phase differences on the time-dependent variation of the zeta potential of hydroxyapatite.


The osteoconductive nature of calcium phosphate ceramics (CPC) follows from several proven effects, such as a direct bone attachment and enhanced bone tissue formation. Mechanisms leading to these phenomena are still largely undiscovered. Specifically, little is known about the CPC surface and cell-driven reactions. These atomic and molecular level events are involved in tissue attachment and enhanced tissue formation. It is hypothesized that the zeta potential of these ceramics is directly related to the surface reactivity governing osteoconductivity. As a first step in our analysis, the zeta potential of stoichiometric and Ca-deficient hydroxyapatite was determined as a function of immersion time. It is concluded that, under the conditions of the experiment, the observations support the hypothesis in a dual way. First, the absolute values of the zeta potential which were measured are related to electrokinetic potentials known to cause substantial effect on the cellular activities and bone tissue formation when applied exogenously. Second, the magnitude and duration of the changes in zeta potential are related to an ion exchange between the hydrated layer around the ceramic and the ceramic surface, and a net precipitation of new material. If these findings could be confirmed in other solutions, i.e., solutions with a substantially equivalent composition as the fluids in developing bone tissue, a basis would be provided to explain the bridging of the ceramic surface with the surrounding developing tissue.


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